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The Well-Endowed Podcast is a production of Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). If you live in Edmonton, chances are you’ve been touched by the work facilitated by the support ECF provides to the city’s shakers, movers and doers. As a bridge between donors and charitable causes, ECF helps donors create endowment funds that will continue giving for generations. With that kind of support, those movers and doers can do a lot!

On the Well Endowed Podcast, you will hear stories about donors, and what inspires their generosity. And you will hear about the people who use our support to build and sustain social initiatives, empower youth, strengthen arts and culture, and so much more.

Edmonton is full of passionate people dedicated to building a vibrant community. The Well Endowed Podcast explores the impact that these municipal champions are having on our city.

Episode 55 – WILDNorth Rescue

On this episode, Dale Gienow takes us on a wildlife rescue adventure! WILDNorth provides compassionate care for injured, contaminated and orphaned wildlife. They achieve this with their hospital and rehabilitation centre, and with their dedicated rescue team. If you see a wild animal in distress, call their rescue hotline: 780-914-4118. WILDNorth also helps educate people about how to co-exist with wildlife in a way that is humane and safe. They have many educational programs for all ages, including grown-ups. Links: Learn more about WILDNorth. See their education programs. Follow them on Instagram. Check out our blog: To The Rescue. See […]

Episode 54 – Where There’s A Will

On this episode, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips tells us about a holographic last will and testament from WW II. Then, Allison McCollum and Mike Simons share their expertise on why it’s a really good idea to have a plan for your estate. It’s not as depressing as you think! Okay, maybe it is. But it’s really important to talk about. Links: Join us for a free session at Wills Week. Find out why millennials need Wills in our Late Edition. Learn more about Allison McCollum and Mike Simons. Grants: Young Edmonton Grants – Due October 15 The Well Endowed Podcast is produced by Edmonton Community Foundation. And […]

Episode 53 – It Takes a Community: Aaron Paquette

It is the fourth edition of our special series: It Takes a Community, produced by Hunter and Jacquelyn Cardinal of Naheyawin. In this series, Hunter sits down to chat with prominent Edmontonians to talk about the communities and people that have helped shape them along their journeys. In this episode we hear from Aaron Paquette: artist, author, speaker and City of Edmonton Councillor for Ward 4. Aaron tells us about why you shouldn’t hide your talent in a drawer, the difference between challenges and trauma, and the magic power of words. Links: Find out more about Aaron Paquette. Follow him on Twitter. Find out more about Naheyawin. […]

Episode 52 – Someone Who Cares a Whole Awful Lot!

On this episode, Chris Chang-Yen Phillips checks out the Mercer Warehouse, and puts Gezim Hoxha on the spot for some cool trivia facts. Then, we meet Vegreville’s Own Lorax, Kevin Stewart. Kevin talks to us about photography,  how he (sort-of) won the Nobel Peace Prize, and the fund he created to help protect the aspen park lands of Vegreville. Links: Find out more about the Vegreville Creek and Wetlands Fund. Curious about land conservation? Visit Edmonton and Area Land Trust Check out our Legacy in Action story about Kevin: Vegreville’s Own Lorax. Read Animal Casualties of the Underground War (Oct. […]