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The Well-Endowed Podcast is a production of Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). If you live in Edmonton, chances are you’ve been touched by the work facilitated by the support ECF provides to the city’s shakers, movers and doers. As a bridge between donors and charitable causes, ECF helps donors create endowment funds that will continue giving for generations. With that kind of support, those movers and doers can do a lot!

On the Well Endowed Podcast, you will hear stories about donors, and what inspires their generosity. And you will hear about the people who use our support to build and sustain social initiatives, empower youth, strengthen arts and culture, and so much more.

Edmonton is full of passionate people dedicated to building a vibrant community. The Well Endowed Podcast explores the impact that these municipal champions are having on our city.

Episode 96 – Gaps in the Social Safety Net

On this episode we visit our latest Vital Topic: Gaps in our Social Safety Net.  This report looks at how programs designed to help vulnerable populations have been trimmed or reworked by various governments. The result is a complicated system of services that can be nearly impossible for those in need to access or maintain. Our correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, speaks with Erick Ambtman, Nadine Chalifoux and Karen Bruno to learn more about what it means to navigate assistance and programing when you are struggling to make ends meet. Links: Read the Vital Topic: Gaps in the Social Safety Net and check […]

Episode 95 – River Valley Alliance

On this episode, we meet Kristine Archibald, Executive Director of the River Valley Alliance (RVA). She tells us about how RVA  connects people to and through the River Valley. The River Valley is the largest metropolitan river valley park system in the world. Right now, you can traverse over 70 kilometers of connected trails right beside the river. There are two foot bridges to take you across the river, and 8 boat docks to get you onto the river. Links: Trek The Trails with River Valley Alliance (RVA). You can find Trail Maps here. Brush up on your Trail Etiquette. […]

Episode 94 – Shannon Blanchet

On this episode, correspondent Paul Blinov introduces us to Shannon Blanchet. Shannon is an actor, improviser and educator who has been a pillar of Edmonton’s theatre and acting community for years. And she is one of 20 recipients of the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund! Over the past 22 years the EATF has invested in more than 100 multimedia, literary, music, dance, film, theatre and visual artists; and contributed more than $800,000 to the arts economy. And this funding as been especially important during the pandemic as artists face unique challenges. Links: Keep up with Paul Blinov. Learn more about Shannon […]

Episode 93 – Dustin Bajer

On this episode, we meet Dustin Bajer. Dustin is an educator, master gardener, writer, beekeeper, and ecologically inspired designer. And he is a volunteer on ECF’s Environment and Animal Welfare Sub-Committee. We’re so excited to introduce him to you! Links: Follow Dusting Bajer on Twitter and Instagram: @DustinBajer Keep with Dustin’s website. Check out our blog post featuring Dustin: The Bee’s Knees Read more about ECF’s granting milestone in our Spring Newsletter. ECF Happenings: Read the latest on our blog. Create your own fund to support the causes you care about. Check out our ECF Fund listing and Strategic Granting Guide See more ways ECF […]