Last year, our 10-part podcast series on the historic Vriend v. Alberta Supreme Court ruling received a nomination for a Canadian Online Publishing Award. This series has now been adapted into a feature-length documentary, Pride vs. Prejudice: The Delwin Vriend Story, written and directed by Darrin Hagen.

Pride vs. Prejudice tells the compelling story of Delwin Vriend, who was dismissed from a Christian university in Edmonton for being gay, leading him to challenge this discrimination all the way to the Supreme Court. This documentary, produced by Edmonton Community Foundation and the Edmonton Queer History Project, premieres on May 19th at the Rainbow Visions Film Festival.

In this episode, we collaborate with the Edmonton Queer History Project to bring you an enlightening conversation with Darrin Hagen, Doug Stollery, and Sheila Greckol. We delve into the themes and issues presented in the film and celebrate the legal victories that have reshaped human rights in Alberta and beyond. Join us for an inspiring and informative episode!

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