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Episode 104 – Edmonton Public Library: A Little Bit of Wonder

The Edmonton Public Library (EPL) was established in 1913 — more than 100 years ago. It has been a part of our community for generations and has continued evolving to meet the needs of the people in our city. On this episode, we speak with Pilar Martinez, the Chief Executive Officer of EPL. She tells us how the library goes beyond books to create a safe space of wonder in our community. Links: Don’t miss Terry O’Reilly and Michael Landsberg at EPL’s Forward Thinking Speaker Series. Listen to the Overdue Finds Podcast. Find out more about Ready. Set. READ! Learn […]

Episode 103 – Small Business in YEG

On this episode, we discuss our latest Vital Topic:  Small Business and Employment in Edmonton. This report demonstrates just how significant entrepreneurship is to our local economy, and how it helps shape our community. Our  correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, speaks with Jeffry Sundquist, Anka Chan and Aga Wajda-Plytta to find out more about how small businesses are coping during the pandemic, and what inspires entrepreneurs to start a business of their own. Links: Check out our latest Vital Topic: Small Business and Employment in Edmonton. Connect with the Social Enterprise Fund. Learn more about the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce. Check out […]

Episode 102 – Empowering Teen Parents

On this episode, we find out how Terra Centre empowers teen parents in Edmonton. This year, Terra Centre is celebrating their 50th anniversary. Over the past 5 decades, Terra has grown to meet young parents where they’re at and connect them to the services that best fit their individual needs. Supports include mental health, access to housing, literacy programs, a youth leadership program and more. Links: Find out more about Terra Centre! Check out the services they offer. Click here to see how you can get involved. ECF Happenings: Read the latest on our blog. See our Rapid Response Fund in action! […]

Episode 101 – Return of the Fringe Festival

On this episode, we’re getting ready to Fringe! The Edmonton International Fringe Festival is back with Together We Fringe, a hyper-local, hybrid event featuring live and digital performances. We find out how to join in on the fun, and what you can expect as you journey through the festival grounds! Together We Fringe runs from August 12 – 22, 2021. Links: Find out more about Together We Fringe! Check out this years Shows and Events. See how we can all Fringe safely together. ECF Happenings: Read the latest on our blog. See our Rapid Response Fund in action! Create your own fund to […]