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Episode 129 – Throwback: From Dusk ‘Til …A Little After Midnight.

On this episode we’re revisiting the Alberta Community Bat Program, where we get up close with these fascinating nocturnal mammals. We go to the Glory Hills Conservation Site  to learn more about bats in Alberta, why they are so important to our ecosystem and the white-nose syndrome that is putting them at risk. This story is a throw-back, originally posted back on October 17, 2019. Links: Help our local bats with the Alberta Community Bat Program. Learn more about bats with Cory Olson. Become a Citizen Scientist. Check out the Wildlife Conservation Society Canada. Find out more about conservation scientist Cori Lausen. Explore the Glory […]

Episode 128 – Knowmadic

On this episode, Our correspondent, Amal Mohamud, introduces us to musician and community organizer: Ahmed Ali, AKA Knowmadic. Teachers can play one of the most significant roles helping youth find their callings. For Ahmed, it was an ESL teacher who used Maya Angelou and Tupac Shakur to teach English that helped the Somali-Canadian poet, writer, actor, musician, and activist find his voice in his new country. Since then, Ahmed has become one of Edmonton’s most celebrated artists. In 2020 he was a recipient of the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund . This fund is a collective project between the Edmonton Arts […]

Episode 127 – Windmill Microlending

On this episode, our correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, introduces us to Windmill Microlending. This innovative charity provides micro loans to help immigrants and refugees continue their careers in Canada. Great for individuals who are making a new home here, and great for our community’s labour and economic needs! Links: Find out more about Windmill Microlending. Check out their 2021 Impact Report. Have questions? Connect with Sarah Stuewe, Associate Director of Philanthropy at Windmill Microlending: See more about Jaiganesh (Jay) Ravindrababu – Co-owner/Physiotherapist at Turning Point Physical Therapy. ECF Happenings: Watch the Well-Endowed Web Show! Read the latest on our blog. Check out our ECF […]

Episode 126 – A New Standard for Long-Term Care

On this episode our correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, explores long term care in Canada. In January of 2022, the Health Standards Organization (HSO)released a draft of proposed changes to Canada’s Long-Term Care Services Guidelines. The draft opened an important discussion around senior care amid the COVID-19 pandemic. How we advocate for seniors today defines what our experience will be as we age. So, we asked Emily to find out more about how Edmontonians are feeling about the proposed changes. Links: See the proposed changes to the Canada’s Long-Term Care Services Guidelines. Check out the HSO’s process to develop a new standard […]