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Episode 136 – We Are All Here

On this episode, our correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, speaks with Lloyd Cardinal: Co-Chair of EndPovertyEdmonton’s Indigenous Circle and this year’s Vital Signs Advisory Committee. Edmonton’s Vital Signs is an annual check-up that measures how the community is doing. This year’s report delves into topics including the history of racism in Edmonton and the ways that systemic racism affects housing, safety, health, education, civic engagement, and more. Although the report is rich with data, it also reveals that the unique experiences of Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour are often not considered in research studies. For instance, the report identifies that there is […]

Episode 135 – More Than Shelter

On this episode, our correspondent, Danielle Paradis, speaks with EndPovertyEdmonton about why affordable and social housing are an important investment for our city.  November is Edmonton’s Housing Month, a good time to reflect on housing needs and the work being done locally.  According to Homeward Trust, as of November 2022 there are 2,656 people experiencing homelessness in Edmonton. 47% identify as indigenous. 46% Identify as female. And 19% identify as youth.   But the issue of housing extends beyond being houseless. There are individuals and families whose accommodations aren’t suitable, or whose cost is more than 30% of their gross […]

Episode 134 – Rise

On this episode, we meet Hayat El-Ossmani and Nunu Desalgne — two incredible community leaders here in Edmonton. Nunu and Hayat were recognized for their community work at the 2022 RISE Awards. The RISE Awards are presented by Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers to recognize immigrant success in Edmonton. Hayat and Nunu received The Community Leadership Award, sponsored by Edmonton Community Foundation. This award recognizes newcomers who demonstrate a commitment to community engagement, with the goal of creating a more welcoming and inclusive community for all. Since 2003, The RISE Awards have celebrated newcomers who have built strong communities through social, cultural and […]

Episode 133 – Parallels

On this episode, we speak with artist Carol Wylie about her exhibition They Didn’t Know We Were Seeds. It is an evocative series of portraiture which invites us to consider the parallels between the Holocaust and residential schools, by introducing us to 18 survivors. Understanding the intergenerational trauma experienced by both the Indigenous and Jewish communities, this series is an important way to acknowledge first-hand accounts of survival, and of building a life, family and community after. The Jewish Federation of Edmonton has collaborated with Jewish Family Services, and the Indigenous Services team at Edmonton Public Library to bring this […]