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Episode 112 – Flying Canoe Volant Festival

On this episode, we celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Flying Canoe Volant Festival! We hear the legend of La Chasse Galerie, and sit down with Daniel Cournoyer to hear about how the Flying Canoe Volant Festival celebrates Francophone, Métis and Indigenous culture with all Edmontonians. Links: Register to attend Flying Canoe Volant (opens Feb. 3rd). Find out more about La Cité Francophone. Learn more about Daniel Cournoyer. Listen to Les Raconteurs full audio project for Rendez-Vous de la Francophonie 2016. **Excerpt of La Chasse Galerie was taken from this project, created for CJSR FM and the National Campus and […]

Episode 111 – Roozen Family Hospice Centre: Edmontons First Free-Standing, Residential Hospice

On this episode, we learn about the Roozen Family Hospice Centre. Operated by Pilgrims Hospice Society, it is the first freestanding, residential hospice in Edmonton. Grief is big, and weird, and hard. It is also a reflection of the love we carry for one another. This new hospice designed to help families with end-of-life care and grieving. It is designed to feel more like a home. And, there is  a focus on providing compassionate support and programming for patients and their families (including children, teens, and caregivers). Links: Find out more about Pilgrims Hospice Society. Take a virtual tour of […]

Episode 110 – The Way In

On this episode, we learn about The Way In – a mental health initiative that is being piloted by Edmonton Public Schools. John Holmes, Principal of Kate Chegwin School, tells us about out how having a professional therapist on site can provide support for students, build mental health capacity for teachers and staff, and create a social return on investment for the whole community. Links: Here are some articles and resources to learn more about the return on investment for mental health resources in schools: – Return on Investment: Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention – High school dropouts […]

Episode 109 – Intersectionality and Making Ends Meet

On this episode, we explore our latest Vital Topic: The Effects of Intersectionality on Making Ends Meet in Edmonton. Our correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, speaks with three Edmontonians to find out what kind of obstacles people who experience multiple forms of discrimination must overcome just to make ends meet. Links from this episode: Check out our latest Vital Topic: The Effects of Intersectionality on Making Ends Meet in Edmonton. See the full 2021 Vital Signs Report: Making Ends Meet in Edmonton. Nerd-out with our sources for the report. Thanks very much to our guests: – Nneka Otogbolu – Edmonton Community Foundation […]