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In part 2 of Trailheads, Julian Faid is joined by two special guests to guide us on the next leg of our journey through the history of urban planning in Edmonton. Former Historian Laureate, Shirley Lowe will walk us through the colonial land-grab during the fur trade. How the soon-to-be city was first subdivided along the North Saskatchewan River. How the delay of a national rail line led to the first real-estate bust in the area. How the train finally came to Edmonton and how an influx of American nationals during the World Wars left lasting impact on how Edmonton […]

Episode 80: Trailheads: a history of urban planning in Edmonton – Part 1

Welcome to the first installment of Trailheads: a history of urban planning in Edmonton. In this special series we join Julian Faid as he explores the many facets of how Edmonton is designed, the consequences and benefits of these design choices, and how this little patch of land on Treaty 6 Territory has evolved over time. People have been gathering on this land for millennia and that’s where our journey begins. In part one of Trailheads, Julian speaks with Lewis Cardinal and Carolina Roemmich to learn about Edmonton’s pre-fort history. Why did Indigenous nations choose this particular bend in the […]

Episode 79 – Dames, Deeds and Popsicle Sticks

On this episode, we’re introduced to Jack Cassidy: a dame and detective in Edmonton 1936, and heroine of the podcast Hardboiled. And we get crafty with Kompany Family Theatre with their Puppets are Essential Too program. Links: Listen to Hardboiled. Find out more about Empress of Blandings Productions. Learn how to make Popsicle Puppets from Space! Check out Kompany’s Instagram page. See more from Kompany Family Theatre. See the latest on our blog! Grants: Young Edmonton Grants – October 15 ECF Community Grants – Due December 1st Look ahead to next year’s Student Awards. The Well Endowed Podcast is produced by Edmonton Community Foundation. And […]

Episode 78 – Millennials and Technology

On this episode, correspondent Emily Rendell-Watson talks with Karli Drew, Marina Banister and Stephen Robinson to explore the impact technology is having on the Millennial Generation. This is the third of four Vital Topics that will be produced throughout the year. Our previous topics focused on Millennial Activism and Engagement, and  Millennials and Money. Our final topic will look at the social and economic trends Millennials are setting. Links: Read the Vital Topic: Millenials and Technology. Get your nerd on with the Vital Topic’s Resources. See our past Vital Signs reports. Connect with the lovely and formidable Karli Drew. Follow the talented […]