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The Well-Endowed Podcast is a production of Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). If you live in Edmonton, chances are you’ve been touched by the work facilitated by the support ECF provides to the city’s shakers, movers and doers. As a bridge between donors and charitable causes, ECF helps donors create endowment funds that will continue giving for generations. With that kind of support, those movers and doers can do a lot!

On the Well Endowed Podcast, you will hear stories about donors, and what inspires their generosity. And you will hear about the people who use our support to build and sustain social initiatives, empower youth, strengthen arts and culture, and so much more.

Edmonton is full of passionate people dedicated to building a vibrant community. The Well Endowed Podcast explores the impact that these municipal champions are having on our city.


This year marks the 20th anniversary of Children’s Autism Services of Edmonton. On this episode, we speak with executive producer, Terri Duncan to learn how the organization is reshaping the way supports for kids and families living with Autism are delivered. This includes things like departing from a behavioural compliance approach toward something called the SCERTS model. SCERTS stands for Social Communication, Emotional Regulation and Transactional Support. This approach is designed to foster independence and creative thinking so that children living with Autism can grow to become healthy, contributing citizens in their communities. Links: Learn more about Children’s Autism Services of […]


On this episode we’re joined by Tareq Hadhad, Founder and CEO of Peace by Chocolate. Born in Damascus, Tareq shares his journey from a Lebanese refugee camp to Antigonish, Nova Scotia. His journey from the Middle East to Canada and its resulting culture shock are the tip of an inspiring iceberg that showcase the compassion and support of Canadians, Nova Scotians and the people of Antigonish. Tareq will present the keynote address at Edmonton Community Foundation’s Annual luncheon on June 20th. Links: Read Jennifer Cockrall’s profile “Son of a Baron”. Read Tom Ndekezi’s feature “New Zone. Who’s This?” Watch the […]


Last year, our 10-part podcast series on the historic Vriend v. Alberta Supreme Court ruling received a nomination for a Canadian Online Publishing Award. This series has now been adapted into a feature-length documentary, Pride vs. Prejudice: The Delwin Vriend Story, written and directed by Darrin Hagen. Pride vs. Prejudice tells the compelling story of Delwin Vriend, who was dismissed from a Christian university in Edmonton for being gay, leading him to challenge this discrimination all the way to the Supreme Court. This documentary, produced by Edmonton Community Foundation and the Edmonton Queer History Project, premieres on May 19th at […]


In this episode, we conclude  Monelle Sturko’s panel discussion that examines the vital role of women in leadership within the non-profit sector. Join Monelle, Michele Okere and Yasmin Jivraj as they delve into effective strategies for making positive change, communicating effectively with Boards and what enables women to bring unique leadership styles to the table. About the Panelists: Monelle Sturko is the Chair of the Board of Directors of the Edmonton Community Foundation. As well as the Chair of the Governance Committee and a board member of the Social Enterprise Fund. Monelle is also a litigator at the law firm […]