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The Well-Endowed Podcast is a production of Edmonton Community Foundation (ECF). If you live in Edmonton, chances are you’ve been touched by the work facilitated by the support ECF provides to the city’s shakers, movers and doers. As a bridge between donors and charitable causes, ECF helps donors create endowment funds that will continue giving for generations. With that kind of support, those movers and doers can do a lot!

On the Well Endowed Podcast, you will hear stories about donors, and what inspires their generosity. And you will hear about the people who use our support to build and sustain social initiatives, empower youth, strengthen arts and culture, and so much more.

Edmonton is full of passionate people dedicated to building a vibrant community. The Well Endowed Podcast explores the impact that these municipal champions are having on our city.


February 27th is International Polar Bear Day. On this episode, we’re putting on our parkas and heading out to learn about these majestic creatures. We’ll meet Dr. Andrew Derocher, a polar bear biologist from the University of Alberta to see how polar bears are faring in a changing Arctic, and we’ll hear from Dianne Johnstone one of the founders of the Johnstone-Wright Polar Bear Fund at Edmonton Community Foundation. This very special fund supports education, research and conservation efforts for polar bears and other Arctic species. Links: Learn more about the Johnstone-Wright Polar Bear Fund. Learn more about Dr. Derocher’s […]


On this episode, we go back into our archives to present a replay of our look at how bias in data gathering can impact representation of communities. Our guest producer, Emily Rendell-Watson, speaks with three incredible community members with experience in data research, urban planning and activism. This story originally aired in 2022 while ECF explored the history of racism through its annual Vital Signs initiative. Vital Signs is a check-up to see how the community is fairing on various issues. This work is done in collaboration with Edmonton Social Planning Council and with guidance from a dedicated committee made […]

Episode 159 – YOUCAN Youth Services

On this episode, our correspondent, Danielle Paradis introduces us to Kyle Dubé, the executive director at YOUCAN Youth Services. Kyle tells us how being relentless can make a difference. YOUCAN helps young people out of harm’s way, and onto a path of economic independence. They do this through a series of programs that empower healthy decision-making.  They also help youth to return to school and enter the work force with training and skill development. Links: Learn more abut YOUCAN Youth Services. Check out their Relentless podcast series. ECF Happenings: Find out how to create an Endowment Fund of your own. Read […]

Episode 158 – The Wade Screpnek Speech Therapy Fund

In February 2023, Betty and George Screpnek created a fund to celebrate their son, Wade, on his 50th birthday. It is the Wade Screpnek Speech Therapy Fund, and it will assist families with the cost of accessing speech therapy. On this episode, we meet Betty Screpnek, donor, and Janet Tryhuba, executive director of Edmonton Down Syndrome Society. They show us how vibrant communities are built  when we support and celebrate each other for who we are. Links: Learn more about the Wade Screpnek Speech Therapy Fund. Connect with Edmonton Down Syndrome Society. See more resources for people born with down syndrome. […]