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Episode 122 – Jessica Vandenberghe

On this episode, we meet Jessica Vandenberghe, the Assistant Dean of Engineering and P. Eng at the University of Alberta, and a survivor of the 60s scoop. Speaking very broadly, the 60s Scoop refers to a period in Canada’s history where mass numbers of Indigenous children were taken from their homes and families and placed in the child welfare system. Jessica is born from the Dene Tha First Nation and was raised in an inclusive German family in northern Alberta. Jessica will be presenting her talk “Walking in a Good Way” at the TED X U Alberta Conference on May […]

Episode 121 – A Taste of Ramadan

On this episode, we head over to the Al Rashid Mosque to learn about two programs that are helping the community. The first is A Taste of Ramadan. This event will see Al Rashid provide food and entertainment to hundreds of Edmontonians. A Taste of Ramadan was started more than a decade ago as a way to counter Islamophobia by providing non-Muslims with a chance to learn more about the holy month of Ramadan. The second program we will learn about is Al Rashid’s Door-to-Door Iftar program. In 2021, Edmonton Community Foundation provided a grant to Al Rashid Mosque to […]

Episode 120 – Full of Heart

On this episode, our correspondent Paul Blinov visits Northern Light Theatre to learn more about its upcoming production of Two-Headed/Half-Hearted. Written by Artistic Director Trevor Schmidt with music by Kaeley Jade Wiebe, this American Gothic song cycle tells the story of conjoined twins, Juno and Venus Hollis. In their conversation they explore the history of exploitation that conjoined twins have faced in pop-culture over the centuries, issues of identity, and how families create mythologies about themselves that might not always be true. Two-Headed/Half-Hearted runs April 22-May 7, 2022 at the Studio Theatre inside Fringe Theatre Adventures. Links: Get tickets for Two-Headed/Half-Hearted. […]

Episode 119 – The Dash Fund

In 2011, Steph Fedoruk was grieving the recent loss of her grandfather. As the funeral approached, she found herself at the Edmonton Humane Society where she made a special connection with very special puppy. In the following weeks, Dash provided comfort to Steph and became an inseparable member of the family for the next several years. When Dash passed away suddenly in March 2019, Steph’s close friends got together to create something special in memory of Dash that will last for generations. On this episode, we find out how The Dash Fund helps keep the memory of a very special […]