Episode 19 – She’s Got This

On this month’s episode, we’re celebrating International Women’s Day.  We learn how Women Building Futures has grown from a grassroots group, to an incredible organization that is changing the face of Alberta’s construction industry and lifting women out of poverty. And we sit down with city Councillors, Bev Esslinger and Sarah Hamilton to talk about women in politics. But first, we’ll learn how the Counselling Program at YWCA is empowering women in Edmonton.

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Special Shout Out this month to the Broadcast, a show about women and politics in Alberta.

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Episode 18 – Black History Month

On this month’s episode, we geek out on Black history with Minister Faust as he looks at the 26th annual AfroQuiz. We sit down with Darren Jordan and Nigel Williams to chat about 5 Artists, 1 Love which is celebrating the history of Black music and visual art as part of Black History Month.  And we’ll check in with our friends at the Edmonton Shift Lab for an update on the work they’re doing to rethink the way society combats racism.

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Special shout out this month to Hockey Feels. As hosts Steven Shapansky and Rachel Donner describe it: “a podcast about hockey that focuses on how awesome the game of hockey is, but also on how it, as the name suggests, makes us feel.”

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Episode 17 – Winter is here, and we like it!

On this month’s episode, embark on an arctic expedition with Cassandra Pryer. We speak with artist Carla Rae Taylor to learn how the Paint the Rails project is telling Edmonton stories through public art. We hear about the deep freezer races at the Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival. And, we speak with Michael Phair about legacy and a new school being opened, and named, in his honour.

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Special shout out this month to High Level Showdown where Michael, Elliot and Sharon debate topics from across Canada that relate to their hometown, Edmonton.

The Well Endowed Podcast is produced by Edmonton Community Foundation. And is a proud, affiliate member of the Alberta Podcast Network.