Episode 17 – Winter is here, and we like it!

On this month’s episode, embark on an arctic expedition with Cassandra Pryer. We speak with artist Carla Rae Taylor to learn how the Paint the Rails project is telling Edmonton stories through public art. We hear about the deep freezer races at the Deep Freeze Byzantine Winter Festival. And, we speak with Michael Phair about legacy and a new school being opened, and named, in his honour.

See upcoming expeditions with Students On Ice.
Hear more sounds from the 2017 Expedition on SoundCloud and check out the 2017 interactive map.
Check out Paint The Rails.
Learn more about the John Humphry Centre for Peace and Human Rights.
See all the fun happening at the Deep Freeze Festival.
Visit the Michael Phair Junior High School.
Find out more about creating an Endowment Fund.

Endowment Sustainability Program – Deadline is January 19th.
Vital Signs Grants – Deadline is January 15th.
Young Edmonton Grants – Deadline is February 15th.

Special shout out this month to High Level Showdown where Michael, Elliot and Sharon debate topics from across Canada that relate to their hometown, Edmonton.

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