Episode 16 – Anita Sarkeesian

Welcome to our surprise, bonus episode for you this month. We are very excited to share with you our conversation with Anita Sarkeesian with you.

Anita Sarkeesian is the founder and executive director of Feminist Frequency, an educational non-profit that explores representations of women in pop culture narratives. Her focus is on deconstructing stereotypes and tropes associated with women and on highlighting issues around the targeted harassment of women in gaming and on-line.

Check out the Feminist Frequency Online Safety Guide.

Anita will be visiting Edmonton on January 24th to present her talk: The Real World of Online Harassment as part of the Edmonton Public Library’s Forward Thinking Speaker Series.

Enter for a chance to win tickets! All you have to do is tweet this episode or share it on Facebook with #AnitaEPL and we’ll announce the winners on January 9th.

This interview was recorded over the phone at CJSR, Edmonton’s community and campus radio station. Thanks also to Anita Sarkeesian for sharing her recording of the interview.

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