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Episode 6 – From Her Perspective

Happy International Women’s Day!

On this month’s episode, The Maggie Tree tackles women’s experience of war in their upcoming play 9 Parts of Desire; we get into politics with the Edmonton Women’s International Film Festival; we listen in as Edmonton Musical Theater sings out for Canada’s 150th; and we find out how Litfest is showcasing Edmonton’s literary swagger at Edmonton Community Foundation’s High Level Lit Salon Series.

Thanks to CKUA for having us in their studios to record our interview with Edmonton Musical Theatre! Always a fun experience.


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Episode 5 – Festivals, Friendship and Popcorn

On this month’s episode, we take a field trip over to the Garneau Theatre.  Now the home of Metro Cinema, and a great place to go to celebrate Canada’s 150 with their “Home Movies” series. We learn about the hurdles women in Edmonton’s arts industry are facing, and how the SkirtsAfire festival is working to address those challenges. We find out how the Terra Centre gives teen moms and dads a place to reach their potential. And, we hear about Gurvinder Bhatia‘s unique approach to create an endowment fund with his friends.