Episode 82 – Trailheads: a history of urban planning in Edmonton – Part 3

In part 3 of Trailheads, Julian Faid explores the history and impact of car culture on Edmonton.

In the first half of the episode Julian is joined by Ashley Salvador, a city planner and president and founder of Canada Backyard Housing Association. Ashley walks us through the automobile’s contentious rise to prevalence through the 1920s, the automobile industry’s campaign to crown the car as king of the road, and whether the industry’s promise that cars provide drivers freedom actually holds up.

Then we’re joined by Julie Kusiek, president of the Queen Alexandra Community League. Julie was at the forefront of pushing the City to re-evaluate its community neighbourhood renewal process. She is also a driving force behind the City’s continuing efforts to make streets safer through lower speed limits.

We hope you enjoy.

Meet guest producer, Julian Faid.
Connect with Ashley Salvador.
Learn more about the Tomorrow Foundation and YEGarden Suites, Check the City of Edmonton’s Vision Zero initiative.
Learn more about #YEGCoreZone.
Want more? Here are some of the articles and studies we found:
* Info Graphic:2018 Edmonton and Area Traffic Safety Culture Survey
* Full Report: 2018 Edmonton and Area Traffic Safety Culture Survey
* City of Edmonton Collision Statistics
* Study: “Understanding Economic and Businesss Impacts of Street Improvements for Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility: A Multi-City Multi-Approach Exploration”
* Article: “Own a Car? You won’t believe how much that’s costing you every year”
* Article: “Closing the Streets to Cars: Bad for Business? False”
* Thesis: “What is the Economic Contribution of Cyclists Compared to Car Drivers in Inner Suburban Melbourne’s Shopping Strips?”
* Study: “Consumer Behavior and Travel Choices: A Focus on Cyclists and Pedestrians”

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Photo Credit: City of Edmonton Archives EA-600-4608e_141

The music featured in the Trailheads special series is called Cut and Run by Kevin MacLeod.
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