Episode 33 – The Power of “I’m Sorry”

It’s been one year since the Federal Government  delivered an apology to Canada’s LGTBQ2+ community. The apology was delivered on November 28, 2017 in a speech that acknowledged Canada’s systemic oppression and criminalization of LGTBQ2+ individuals, and offered a message of love and acceptance. On this episode, we speak with Marni Panas about her experience on the committee that helped draft the apology and what it meant to hear those words spoken.

Watch and read the entire apology delivered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
Find out more about Marni Panas.
Check out this excerpt of former Prime Minister’s Pierre Trudeau’s comments regarding the state not belonging in the nation’s bedrooms.
Take a look at our Vital Signs report for statistical analysis of Edmonton’s LGBTQ2+ communities.

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