Episode 116 – The Mosquers Film Festival

From its humble beginnings in 2007, to growing into one of Edmonton’s premiere film festivals, the Mosquers has been highlighting stories from the Muslim community through film and art for more than 10 years. On this episode, our correspondent Amal Mohamud finds out how The Mosquers Film Festival’s journey in challenging stereotypes and misconceptions about Muslims and gets a sneak peek at what they have planned for this year’s festival.

The 2022 Mosquers Film Festival will take place on March 12th at 6 pm, at the Winspear Centre. Click here to get your tickets!

Learn more about The Mosquers Film Festival, including their story which begins in 2007.
Meet this year’s finalists.
Watch Muhajir, co-directed by Ijlal Amir, Aaima Azhar and Zainab Azhar.
Get tickets to attend this year’s festival!

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Picture for this episode is courtesy of The Mosquers Film Festival.