Episode 114 – In Good Company – Early Career Artists Panel Discussion

On this episode, we listen to a rebroadcast of the Early Career Artists Panel Discussion hosted by the Art Gallery of St. Albert for their exhibition titled In Good Company. The discussion features artists Lauren Crazybull, Emmanuel Osahor and Preston Pavlis, and was moderated by Christina Battle.

We learn about each artists’ practice, what they love about art-making and the challenges they face as they make their place in the art community. The discussion was originally aired live on Jan 15, 2022.

Over the past 10 years, the Eldon + Anne Foote Edmonton Visual Arts Prize has recognized outstanding Artists from the Edmonton Region. To celebrate the anniversary of this prize, the Art Gallery of St. Albert hosted a special exhibition.

In Good Comapany brings together the three most recent award winners Lauren Crazybull, aAron Munson and Gillian Willans with all the artists on the 2021 award short list, including Emmanuel Osahor, the creative duo Sharon Rose Kootenay and Jason Symington, and this year’s winner: Preston Pavlis.

Click here to learn more about the Art Gallery of St. Albert and see their current exhibitions.

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The picture of the artwork shown for this episode is courtesy of Lauren Crazybull.

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