Episode 89 – Anti-Black Racism and Youth Mental Health

On today’s episode, we explore how anti-black racism effects the health of Black Youth in our province.

We talk with Dr. Bukola Salami. She is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Nursing at the University of Alberta. She tells us about her research project to Promote The Mental Health of African, Black and Caribbean Youth in Alberta.

And we speak with Noreen Sibanda. She is the Executive Director at the Alberta Black Therapists Network and is a registered provincial psychologist. She helps us better understand some context around mental health and the black community. A community full of diverse cultures and histories.

Listener Advisory: In this episode we speak candidly about racism. We share examples of how youth have experienced racism and how that has impacted them. One of the examples of experienced racism contains explicit and offensive language. So, if you are sensitive to language, or are uncomfortable hearing about how racism is experienced, proceed with caution.

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Social Determinants and Inequities in Health For Black Canadians: a Snap Shot.
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