Episode 7 – It’s Spring, and Edmonton is hoppin’!

On this month’s episode we see how Red Sky performers are tackling reconciliation in their production Mistatim. We learn how to recognize gifted young musicians with Alexandra Munn. We talk about food accessibility with Food4Good.  And, we check in with Tannia Franke and Nicole Poirier with the City of Edmonton for a peek at the many events the City is planning for Canada’s Sesquicentennial.

Correction: Alexandra Munn has been in Edmonton since 1962. You can find out a little more about Alexandra herself on the Canadian Encyclopedia!


See what else Red Sky has coming up.

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Find out about more great Canada 150 events at The City of Edmonton and Make Something Edmonton.


ECF Scholarships and Student Awards: 

Awards for Students Experiencing Financial Need

Alexandra M. Munn Scholarships and John & Andrea Wallin Awards

Edmonton Refugee & Emerging Communities Awards

Nancy Fairley Scholarship

Don and Norine Lowry Awards for Women of Excellence

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