Episode 64 – EcoCity Edmonton

On this episode, we visit Bissell Centre and learn about the Solar Array they are installing thanks to a grant from EcoCity Edmonton. And we talk to Simon Irving, Program Manager at Alberta Ecotrust about the huge impact EcoCity Edmonton Grants are having in our city.

Find out more about EcoCity Edmonton Grants.
Check out Bissell Centre’s Solar Array.
See all the amazing environmental projects happening in our province with Alberta Ecotrust Projects Map.
Get in touch with the EcoCity team; or connect with Simon Irving.
Check out these great resources from the City of Edmonton:
* Change for Climate
* Energy Transition Strategy
* Climate Resilient Edmonton
Make your social enterprise investment ready with the Investment Readiness Program (IRP).
Get in touch with the IRP team at irpalberta@gmail.com or leave
a message at 1-855-593-1003
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Young Edmonton Grants – Due February 15th.

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Image provided by Bissell Centre.