Episode 62 – Raricanow

On this episode, we speak to members of Raricanow. A not-for-profit organization that aims to promote human rights for all LGBTIQ2S+ Refugees and newcomers in Canada.

Some of the content discussed may be difficult for some listeners. Our guests were open-hearted as they shared their emotional and lived experiences, which include violence and loss. While there are no graphic descriptions, some events and feelings are stated as matter of fact. We are grateful for the opportunity to share this discussion, and appreciate the emotional work each of our guests provided to help us better understand their experience.

Find out more about Raricanow!
Check out their documentary:  A Long Road to Peace
Reach out their team:
Find them on Facebook and Twitter.

For more resources, here are some of the many organizations that Raricanow works with:
Pride Centre of Edmonton
Shades of Colour
Alberta Health Services

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