Episode 47: It Takes a Community – Paul Bellows

Welcome to the first installment of It Takes a Community — a special series produced by Hunter and Jacquelyn Cardinal of Naheyawin.

In this series, Hunter sits down to chat with prominent Edmontonians to talk about the communities and people that have helped shape them along their journeys.

In this episode we will hear from musician and entrepreneur Paul Bellows about what he learned while performing a trumpet solo, the importance of being accepted by a community, how mentors like Ben Sures and Daniel Watson helped him grow,  and the many things he has learned from his mom, dad and brother.

This is the first of six profiles in this special series. New episodes will drop on the first of the month June through December 2019.

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Photo Credit: The photo of Paul Bellows shown on this page was created by Edmonton Portrait Photographer, Ryan Parker. See more of his work at: https://parkerphoto.ca