Episode 23 – Down by the River

On this month’s show, we go rafting through the River Valley with the RiverWatch Institute of Alberta. We head down to Hawrelak Park to  hear about the Freewill Shakespeare Festival’s 30th anniversary. And we talk to Beth Dart and Elise Jason about “On the Margin”, a site specific play that you can find (in the River Valley) at the Found Festival this month.

Sign up for an Eco-Raft Tour  with RiverWatch this summer.
Celebrate 30 years with the Freewill Shakespeare Festival, and check out their program.
Discover unexpected art venues with the Found Festival. They have an interactive map that might come in handy.
Read more about the Reno and Jane Trentini Family Fund.
Find out how to create a family fund of your own.

Al Maurer Awards – Due August 31st.
Charmaine Letourneau Scholarships – Due August 31st.

Special Shout Out this month to the Daveberta Podcast, where Dave Cournoyer and Ryan Hastman talk politics, policy and events from an Edmontonian, Albertan and Canadian perspective.

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Music in the Freewill Shakespeare segment is from Freewill’s production of Hamlet and is produced by Matthew Skopyk.