Episode 21 – Visionary Arts

This month, we hear from Fringe Theatre Adventures and Opera Nuova about how the Canadian Cultural Investment Fund helps them invest in Edmonton artists. Sanjay Shahani, Executive Director of the  Edmonton Arts Council (EAC), tells us about how the EAC is looking 10 years ahead to shape Edmonton’s Arts and Heritage sectors. And, Helen Ma tells us how a Don and Norine Lowry Award has helped her pursue her studies at the University of Alberta.

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Check out the Quinn Family Fund and find out how to create your own fund.

Nancy Fairley Scholarship – Due May 31st
Don and Norine Lowry Awards for Women of Excellence – Due May 31st
ECF Awards and Bursaries – Due June 15th

Special Shout Out this month to I Don’t Get It, an award-winning podcast that offers a critical perspective on performances of all kinds.

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