Episode 155 – Entangled

On this episode, we meet Eric Rice, Eric recently created the Edmonton Affordable Housing Maintenance Fund here at ECF, to support people experiencing housing or income insecurity.

Eric has been involved in housing and homelessness in various ways over the years. It is a complex and overwhelming issue, and the people experiencing houselessness are often met with stigmatization and judgement.

With an issue this big, it’s hard to know how we as individuals can make a difference. That’s one reason Eric began his fund, and why he continues to be active with organizations that are working to end homelessness.

Eric’s fund will launch on November 22nd, at the film screening of “Push: The film – The Shift (make-the-shift.org)”, a new film from director Fredrik Gertten. The event will be hosted by the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness. The film looks at how rising housing prices all over the world are creating cities that are too expensive to live in.

Sit in with the Edmonton Coalition on Housing and Homelessness (ECOHH).
Check out the film “Push”.
Get your tickets to attend the screening on Nov. 22nd.
Check out Alberta Street News – Alberta’s only street newspaper.
Watch “This Is Where We Live”.

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