Episode 151 – When the Time Comes

Death eventually comes for all of us. We don’t have a choice in this matter, but we do have a lot of choice when it comes to what happens after we pass.

On this episode, Our producer, Lisa Pruden, sits down with Victoria Jones to discuss some wishes that people have for themselves and their pets when they die – and let’s just say some of these get pretty creative and may, or may not involve a homemade cannon.

Victoria is a lawyer at De Villars Jones LLP, with a focus on wills and estates. She is one of the wonderful volunteers presenting at this year’s Wills Week.

Every October, ECF partners with a dedicated team of volunteer estate lawyers to answer your questions about will and estate planning. This year, Wills Weeks will run from October 2nd to October 6th. And all the sessions are free!

Sign up for our free Wills Week sessions!

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Image for this episode is by Mason Herron. The background artwork is ‘Smith’ by Dallas Larose.