Episode 149 – Bird Nerds

On this episode, our correspondent, Scott Lilwall, takes us to the 2nd oldest migration monitoring observatory in Canada: the Beaverhill Bird Observatory (BBO).

BBO was established in 1984 and has gathered decades of datasets that help them track changes in bird populations and how they migrate. And they boast several programs to encourage education, research, and community knowledge. Programs like the Young Ornithologists Workshop!

BBO is  an Important Bird Area. It is an Internationally Significant Wetland, and it is a space where we can all share knowledge and appreciation for Alberta’s natural history.

To help continue their work far into the future, BBO has established the Beaverhill Bird Observatory Endowment Fund here at Edmonton Community Foundation.

Visit the Beaverhill Bird Observatory!
Check out their Young Ornithologist Workshop and other programs.
Learn more about the Beaverhill Bird Observatory Endowment Fund.
Find out how to create an Endowment Fund of your own.

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Image for this episode is by Scott Lilwall.