Episode 140: More Than Food

On this episode, our correspondent, Aubrianna Snow, learns about how Edmonton’s Food Bank goes beyond food to support community members.

Edmonton’s Food Bank was the very first food bank to  open in Canada, and has been tackling food insecurity since 1981. They provide food and other assistance to thousands of people each month. In the course of a year, the food bank distributes about 6 million kilograms of food. This is help for thousands of individuals and families struggling with food insecurity.

In December 2022, Edmonton Community Foundation was able to provide Edmonton’s Food Bank with a BIPOC Grant to help bring in more options for culturally relevant foods.

On top of all the food and necessities the food bank provides, they also have a program called “Beyond Food” to help people develop skills for employment.

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Image for this episode was supplied by Edmonton’s Food Bank.