Episode 128 – Knowmadic

On this episode, Our correspondent, Amal Mohamud, introduces us to musician and community organizer: Ahmed Ali, AKA Knowmadic.

Teachers can play one of the most significant roles helping youth find their callings.

For Ahmed, it was an ESL teacher who used Maya Angelou and Tupac Shakur to teach English that helped the Somali-Canadian poet, writer, actor, musician, and activist find his voice in his new country.

Since then, Ahmed has become one of Edmonton’s most celebrated artists.

In 2020 he was a recipient of the Edmonton Artists’ Trust Fund . This fund is a collective project between the Edmonton Arts Council and Edmonton Community Foundation. The award recognizes the artist’s work and cultural contribution while also providing financial stability for renewal, development, creation, or discovery.

When Ahmed isn’t performing, he travels the globe showcasing his art, working with youth and providing consultations for arts organizations on community building and inclusive practices.

Our correspondent, Amal Mohamud, visited Ahmed at his home to learn more about his accomplished career and contributions to strengthening our community.

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Image for this episode courtesy of Brant Erickson.