Episode 122 – Jessica Vandenberghe

On this episode, we meet Jessica Vandenberghe, the Assistant Dean of Engineering and P. Eng at the University of Alberta, and a survivor of the 60s scoop.

Speaking very broadly, the 60s Scoop refers to a period in Canada’s history where mass numbers of Indigenous children were taken from their homes and families and placed in the child welfare system.

Jessica is born from the Dene Tha First Nation and was raised in an inclusive German family in northern Alberta. Jessica will be presenting her talk “Walking in a Good Way” at the TED X U Alberta Conference on May 7th. Where she will share her experiences working through difficult traumas while forming a highly esteemed career.

Our correspondent, Danielle Paradis sat down with Jessica to learn about her journey, and about how the 60s Scoop continues to impact survivors.

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