Episode 104 – Edmonton Public Library: A Little Bit of Wonder

The Edmonton Public Library (EPL) was established in 1913 — more than 100 years ago. It has been a part of our community for generations and has continued evolving to meet the needs of the people in our city.

On this episode, we speak with Pilar Martinez, the Chief Executive Officer of EPL. She tells us how the library goes beyond books to create a safe space of wonder in our community.

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Here is a list of endowment funds that have been created by donors to help support Edmonton Public Library:
–  Anchor Fund: Supports operations of libraries serving and programs offered for children living in low-income or other disadvantaged circumstances.
– Edmonton Public Library Shelley Milner Fund: Supports activities and services dedicated to children and youth.
– Endowments that serve general operations:
*Stanley A. Milner Library Fund
*Electro Equinology Fund
*Roper Fund
*Slyvia Syska Fund
*Joseph & Wadona Walsh Memorial Fund

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Photo for this episode was provided courtesy of Edmonton Public Library.

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