Episode 10 – Big Back yards

On this month’s episode, we sit down with Malcolm Azania, or as many know him — Minister Faust – to talk about his contribution to High Level Lit and about an area of the city he fondly calls Kush to reflect the incredible African communities that live in the Boyle, McCauley and Alberta Avenue neighbourhoods.  Former Centennial Officer Bud Salloum tells us what Canada 150 means to him. And, we speak with Dr. John Weaver about the science behind conservation in the Bighorn Back Country of Alberta.

Check out Malcolm Azania’s podcast: The MF GALAXY Podcast
Read Dr. John Weaver’s report, Bighorn Backcountry of Alberta: Protecting Vulnerable Wildlife and Precious Waters
Learn more about the organizations collaborating to protect the Bighorn Backcountry Wildland
WCS Canada
Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative
Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society
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