Episode 75 – Drive Happiness

On this episode, we join our producer, Lisa Pruden, on a transit miss-adventure and learn about how Drive Happiness Seniors Association has risen to the challenges presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic to ensure Seniors have safe transportation. Links: Check out Drive Happiness Seniors Association. Read Graeme Lummer’s Blog: Seniors Still Getting Around! You can find out more about Disabled Adults Transit Service (DATS) here. See the COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund at work. Read more stories about how organizations are adapting with the pandemic. Learn more about the Rapid Response Fund and how to contribute. Grants: Al Maurer Awards – Due August 31st Charmaine Letourneau […]

Episode 107 – The Low-Resourced Senior’s Collective.

On this episode, we find out about the new Low-Resourced Senior’s Collective. From housing and finances to food, transportation and more, this collective is helping seniors navigate a myriad of services to meet their daily needs. The Low-Resourced Senior’s Collective includes: SAGE Seniors Association Drive Happiness Multicultural Health Brokers G E F Senior’s Housing Listen to our past interview with Drive happiness here. ECF Happenings: Read the latest on our blog. See our Rapid Response Fund in action! Create your own fund to support the causes you care about. Check out our ECF Fund listing and Strategic Granting Guide. See more ways ECF connects you with Edmonton’s […]