Episode 84 – Trailheads: a history of urban planning in Edmonton – Part 4

In part 4 of Trailheads, Julian Faid explores the history, present and future of Public Transit in Edmonton.

In the first half of the episode we’ll hear from Dr. Emily Grise, an assistant professor at University of Alberta and the School of Urban and Regional Planning. Dr. Grise will shine some light on public transit through the lens of the economy, and how good public transit is key to building a “world Class” city.

In the second half of the episode, Julian is joined by Danika McConnell and Carter Gorzitza from Free Transit Edmonton. Danika and Carter will shift the conversation about public transit from the economy to human rights. We’ll look at the issue of fare evasion, fines and why public transit is at the heart of solving many societal issues faced by people in Edmonton.

We hope you enjoy.

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Phot Credit: Tim Campbell, Edmonton Radial Railway Society
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