Episode 110 – The Way In

On this episode, we learn about The Way In – a mental health initiative that is being piloted by Edmonton Public Schools. John Holmes, Principal of Kate Chegwin School, tells us about out how having a professional therapist on site can provide support for students, build mental health capacity for teachers and staff, and create a social return on investment for the whole community.

Here are some articles and resources to learn more about the return on investment for mental health resources in schools:
Return on Investment: Mental Health Promotion and Mental Illness Prevention
High school dropouts cost countries a staggering amount of money
Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on mental health of children and adolescents: A narrative review with recommendations
Return on Early Childhood Investment

Here are the 4 schools currently participating in The Way In:
Kate Chegwin School
Thelma Chalifoux School 
Dan Knott School
T.D. Baker School

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