Episode 138 – Brainstorming A City

Edmonton’s population is on track to hit 2 million people by 2040. We got curious about what might be next in our city’s urban planning. And it turns out, there could be quite a bit of inspiration from the Philippines.

On this episode, our correspondent, Emily Rendell-Watson, explores the idea of participatory urban planning. This concept empowers citizens to participate in the design of their city, so that people can achieve self-reliance, sustainable development and social justice.

This isn’t the first time we’ve covered the topic of urban planning. In  2021, Julian Faid joined us to produce the Trailhead Series: a history of urban planning in Edmonton. It was a 6-part series that explored how Edmonton came to be the city that it is. If you like to geek out on urban planning, like we do, check it out!

Read the full city plan and resources.
Check out this interactive plan overview.
Learn more about Participatory Planning.

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